Friday, July 2, 2010

5 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked

I will admit: sleeping naked used to give me the heebie-jeebies!

But as I've gotten older, I have learned to appreciate it! It gives me a sense of confidence and ownership over my body. Whether you sleep alone or with that special someone, here are five reasons why you should disrobe before you call it a night!

5. You don't have to worry about your clothes getting twisted around you while you sleep..I'm a wild sleeper, so this happens to me a lot!

4. If it's really hot, stripping down to your birthday suit can help you cool down..and you don't have to worry about running the air conditioner!

3. Sleeping nude with your partner can provide a more intimate and sensual experience, and it doesn't need to lead to sex.

2. Sleeping solo? Sleeping in the nude can help you feel more comfortable in your own body by allowing you to explore it without feeling self-conscious or hidden.

1. As this develops into a nightly routine, you can feel more confident with your body! As you continue to see and feel your body, you will begin to embrace every freckle, wrinkle, curve, and any other imperfections. It's your body and you should feel good about it!

If you're going to try sleeping naked, it may seem weird the first few times. Make sure there are clothes or a robe nearby just in case of emergencies (you don't want to greet a burglar in your birthday suit!). Don't feel pressured to try this with your partner if you don't feel comfortable. Try it alone and then suggest it to spice up your relationship.

Happy nude sleeping!


Anonymous said...

Beautifully spoken

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