Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blast from the Past: Living Single

Living Single was one of my favorite shows in the 90's; the women had spunk, attitude, and were hilarious to watch!  The cast included: Queen Latifah (Khadijah), Kim Fields (Regine), Kim Coles (Synclaire), and Erika Alexander (Maxine).  Although there were two wonderful men on the show, I will focus on the ladies this time :-)

Regine Hunter

My favorite of the bunch, Regine was known for loving good gossip and good fashion.  Although she was arrogant, Regine had an air of sophistication and glam.  I'm sure she would approve of this outfit!

Maxine Shaw

Maxine was the epitome of the independent Black woman of the 1990's.  As a very successful attorney, Max frequently reminded her friends that she could do anything a man could do, and even do it better.  Her "rivalry" antics with Kyle Barker soon turned into love in the latter seasons, but she still let her independence shine through.

Synclaire James-Jones

Sweet and mild-mannered Synclaire was the traditional one of the group.  She always reminded her friends about marriage and courtship, while they helped her understand the simple things in life.  To match Synclaire's old-fashioned style, I chose this outfit.

Khadijah James

Last, but definitely not least, is Khadijah.  The strong-minded magazine editor encompasses the three personalities of her friends, and levels them out.  She is the voice of reason in the house, even if her reasoning has unforeseen consequences.  She always rep'd New York, so I used her passion for this ensemble.

Who was your favorite character?  Which one is your favorite outfit?  What shows would you like to see next?



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