Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blast From the Past: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I'm pretty sure this was one of everyone's favorite 90's shows!  I stayed glued to the TV when this came on.  So it's only right to do a fashion tribute to the wonderful show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Now don't get freaked out, I know 90's fashion isn't really in style anymore.  I will use modern pieces that are inspired by the characters Will, Carlton, Ashley and my favorite, Hilary.

Let's start with Will Smith....

Of course, Will was known for his flashy ensembles: brightly colored jackets, eccentric patterns, and fresh kicks.  I remember when he first put on his uniform jacket, and wore it inside out to show off the funky red pattern.  Will was a Hip-Hop junkie on- and off-screen, and Hip-Hop is arguably still "alive" today.  I will use his love of the culture as the inspiration for this outfit.

Fresh Prince - Will

Next up...Ashley Banks

Ashley is the "baby" of the Banks family, until later seasons when little Nicky arrives.  Of course, when she was younger, she dressed in florals and pastel prints.  However, as she matures, she becomes a rebel and develops her own style.  She often wore cropped tops, boots, and skirts. 

Fresh Prince - Ashley

Everyone's favorite...Carlton Banks

Carlton is the second oldest of the Banks clan.  His style is pretty much the stereotypical prep: cardigans, argyle sweaters, loafers, and tucked-in shirts.  He is most famous for his off the wall dancing.

Fresh Prince - Carlton

Finally, my favorite...Hilary Banks
I absolutely love Hilary Banks!  If you've checked out my first Blast from the Past post for Living Single, you'll notice that I always love the glamorous characters.  Even though Hilary isn't the brightest of the bunch, her style is on point.  She is ultra-feminine and a true fashionista who isn't afraid of trends and glamour.

Fresh Prince - Hilary


Tari said...

Yeah this was my show. That episode that you got that line from Ashley from is classic!

Good job finding fashions of the past, today. The fashions are spot on and with a lot of those looks re-emerging, today, I am sure there is a little something for everyone's tastes.

I am liking your posts. Keep'em coming!

Ray.carter said...

Dope Post! I like how you broke down every ensemble, and its crazy to see how fashionable they were back then and how it still influences how we dress now.

Anonymous said...

This was my show! I like how you took fashion back then & compared it to todays. You nailed it! I agree with Tari, theres lil something for everybody's taste.

Jean-Clause Van DAMN you know your fashion :)


Willie Stylez said...

GREAT POST Sydney! This is one of my all time fave shows and like everyone else said, I LOVE how you broke down the fashions and prices! Keep up the GREAT work! Love your posts!

ladytgirl69 said...

Great post, I think the fashion never really goes out of style.....well maybe some things like the MC Hamme pants.....I think that was really the only thing that went out of style. I loved the fashion on Fresh Prince, it was very versatile...........GREAT POST

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