Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Up and Coming: Lady-T from Oakland, CA

Since my last Up and Coming post was from the East Coast, I figured I need to show the West Coast some love! Lady-T comes to you from Oakland, California but her musical style is out of this world! Her voice is reminiscent of a smooth R&B singer, but she successfully combines pop, house, hip-hop, and R&B to create her own sound. Listen to her music and read more about Lady-T below!

The only word to best explain Lady-T is down to earth. Lady-T was born in Oakland, California with creativity in her blood. The dancer, singer, and song writer were inspired by her mother, and her style of music. Growing up listening to artists such as: Gospels Dixie Humming Birds, and R and B legends such as Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin etc..... Lady-T had no choice but to have a soulful gospel style.

Even though Lady-T didn't take singing seriously until teenage years, her hearts passion was, and still is dance. Starting as a professional dancer, Lady-T has danced for Disney, Apollo, Missy Elliott, toured with many artists, danced in many music videos and competitions. When she joined the military she was accepted to perform with the All Army Soldier Show. A nine month tour ended up being a three year tour for Lady-T. She took a year break after her discharge from the military. Then she moved to Korea where she was offered a contract to perform in various hotels and events for the Korean community. From that moment it was Seoul Records that decided she needed to cut an album, and she received a lot of support from both Korea and the United States. Working with famous Korean singers, and prestigious American producers and record labels, Lady-T's first CD “Tell me Why” was a huge success in Korea.

With the planned release of “The Beginning” this will be the first CD Lady-T has released in the United States. Lady-T worked with many well known names such as Capitol Records, Paul Cabbinand many more. The reality show which started airing May 18th2010, has been receiving high reviews. There will be nothing but success with this project.

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