Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My 2011 Fashion Resolutions

2011 is almost here, and I am in need of a style change.  For the past two years, I've morphed my style from broke college student, to professional young adult.  After I graduated college in June, I got rid of 4 bags of old, worn-out clothes - and I'm working on my fifth bag now.  I learned the basics of creating a new wardrobe, and in 2011, I will work on polishing my look.  I also need to dye my hair again, because this brown dye is so boring compared to my red color (my mom made me do brown since I had to look for a professional job after graduation...ugh!)

So in 2011, here are my fashion resolutions that I will swear to!

No matter how early I wake up to get ready, I still reach for the same outfit combination, and it gets super boring.  I usually skip accessories because I don't have time to sort through my jewelry boxes and my scarves to find something that matches my outfit.  So in 2011, I will pick complete outfits the night before.  This means I will pick the top, bottoms, jacket, jewelry, purse, shoes, and anything else that I need for the outfit.  No skipping any part of the outfit!  That way, I don't have to scramble in the morning, and my outfit will be far from boring.

Fashion Resolutions

From left to right:  
Vintage Glamour Boy Shorts, $18
Calvin Klein Envy lace padded bra, $44 
Calvin Klein Envy lace thong, $22 
Elle Macpherson Intimates Dentelle Culotte lace briefs, $30 
Black Boyshort with Garters, $5.99
Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Bouquet bra, $31
Natori Lace Trim Boyshorts, $24

Even if you're not expecting to have a sexy rendez-vous, wearing lingerie is a definite boost to your confidence.  Wearing something that makes you feel good and glamorous will give you a glow - and they don't make you feel huge like those horrible granny-panties.  I have a few pieces of lingerie, and I will make it a point to invest in more and to wear them more often.

This ties into rushing in the morning - I usually reach for the same hoop earrings and bangles.  I have truckloads of jewelry, and I vow to wear different pieces with each outfit.  I have tons of necklaces, and to make sure I wear them, I took push pins and hung them up on the wall outside of my closet.  That way, I can see them and I can choose one quickly.  I'm going to put my hoops and bangles in a bag and tuck them into a drawer so they are unaccessible.

Fashion Resolutions
Top, $30
Skinny Jean - American Eagle Outfitters, $40
Steve Madden Pumps, $100
Rhinestone Flower Ring, $25

Fine Jersey T Dress, $26
Ballet Flats, $21
Faux-Leather Shoulder Bag, $48  

My closet pretty much consists of three colors: black, red, and purple.  I have items of different colors, but I would say 75% of my closet are those three colors...pretty bad, right?  I figured out that I look best in warm colors (which I don't normally wear), but I will embrace them in 2011.  The blue outfit will look best on people with cool undertones, and the orange outfit looks great on warm undertones.

Look at the bottom of your wrist, or inside your forearm, and check what colors your veins are: blue veins - cool undertones, green veins - warm undertones.

Here's a handy chart to help you figure out what colors work with your undertones:

Left: Cool, Right: Warm
Fashion Resolutions

Bundle Monster 120 Full Color Pro Eye Shadow, $27
MAC 'Viva Glam VII' Lipstick, $15
Gucci 'Guilty' Holiday Set, $75
Philosophy The Gingerbread Man, $25
Sephora Makeup Brush Set, $17
Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara, $6.49

I have the basics in beauty products, but I hardly ever splurge on them.  I will buy a signature perfume; I am absolutely in love with Gucci Guilty right now.  I've already invested in an eyeshadow set and brushes, like the ones pictured.  I need to add more brushes to my collection, so I will work on that.  As for trying something new, I will try a new lipstick because I don't wear it - I'm a lipgloss girl.  I will also splurge in luxury products like scrubs and treatments.

Fashion Resolutions
Picture Source:
As for my hair, I will probably put deep red or burgundy streaks in it, since I can't do bright red again due to my job.  I am really in need of new everyday styles because I am too lazy in the morning to come up with one.  I invested in a new curling iron and foam rollers, so I do not have an excuse anymore.  I have shoulder-length, straight hair (no perm), so I found these styles, and i will test them out!

Last but not least: Drink more water!

One of my favorite movies, The Waterboy
I always say I'm going to drink more water, and it lasts for about 2 days.  Seriously though, I am going to drink at least 32 oz. of water everyday, and I'll increase it over time.  To add some flavor to my water, I add a piece of lemon, which gives it a refreshing twist.  I read an article on how to drink more water, and they offer great tips - check it out!

Well those are my fashion and beauty resolutions for 2011.  Hopefully you also found them inspiring and helpful.

What are your resolutions for 2011?


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