Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to (Stylishly) Layer Clothes

Not really stylish, right?

The art of layering clothes can be very tricky.  You have to combine different types of materials, silhouettes,  and hemlines to make sure that you don't look like a huge lump of clothes.  I didn't understand layering, so I was always freezing to death during the wintertime - I thought style meant sacrificing comfort.  I'm glad I don't think that way anymore!  Now that I know better, I've learned to bundle up and to look good doing it.

Here are some outfits to get you started:

Get the Look - Halle Berry in Layers

Nike 6.0 PYT Women's Sweatshirt, $45
Old Navy Jersey Tees, $15
AE Women's Wool Peacoat (Black), $80
Super Skinny Jeans - Anchor Blue, $35
Moto Flap Boot - Wet Seal, $43
Gold Standard Watch -, $42
Camel Two Tone Enamel Aviator Sunglasses, $24
dELiAs Blue Floral Scarf , $20
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Thin pieces are the best for layering, but you also have to keep proportions in mind.  Take a lightweight, long sleeve tee and wear it underneath a heavier sweatshirt.  Skinny or fitted jeans help slim your bottom half, since your top half will look bulkier.  Even though Halle Berry isn't wearing a coat, a simple pea coat, or trench coat, will do the trick in colder weather.  Motorcycle boots, aviator glasses, and a floral scarf add a tough-girl vibe to the outfit.

Layering a Dress

There are ways to still wear your spring and summer dresses in the wintertime - if you know how to layer them.  Add some thick tights and a cardigan - and you have a winter outfit with a summer dress.  I love adding red or wine accents to black and grey, so I used wine-colored shoes, a coat, and earrings for the pops.  Of course, not everyone loves red, so blue, purple, or even a dark green will work just as well.

Get the Look - Tia Mowry-Hardrict

Tia Mowry-Hardrict stays comfy and cute in this ensemble.  Once again, since her top half has the most volume, she wears skinny, or fitted, jeans to slim her silhouette.  For the winter storms, stylish rain boots protect your lower legs and feet from getting soaked, but they are sleek enough to complement the outfit.

I found this article that breaks down the process of layering clothing, check it out!


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