Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black History Month - Queen Nefertiti

Bust of Nefertiti - Source
This bust is probably one of the most famous pieces in the world, which now sits at the Altes Museum in Berlin.  The well preserved image of Queen Nefertiti is well intact, despite that it was created in 1340 BC, by a sculptor named Thutmos.  Queen Nefertiti ruled Egypt with her husband, Akhenaten (aka Amenhotep IV), for about 12 years.  In ancient Egyptian paintings, she is pictured about twice as much as her husband, and often in masculine roles, such as defeating enemies.  Although she passed well before times of U.S. slavery, I felt that it was important to showcase her because she is an important figure in African history.  Her poise, grace, and strength were well ahead of her time, and she is a beautiful example of strong Black women everywhere.

Black History Month - Nefertiti

Is there anyone from ancient Africa that you look up to?  Who and why?
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