About Me

The name's Sydney...that's S-Y-D-N-E-Y..if you spell my name wrong, I will get mad!  I am from Sacramento, California, but I am planning on moving to the East Coast very soon.
I graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Psychobiology, which is psychology with an emphasis in biology, and a minor in African/African-American Studies.  I pretty much switched up my career plans, and I plan to go back to school for a BSN.

I have four very talented artists..I suggest EVERYONE listen to their won't be disappointed! Check them out

I also do promotions, artist development, host events, etc., so hit me up at if you are interested in working with me!

Like everyone in the world, I have a facebook hit me up on there! 
And I also have a twitter for all you tweoples! if you follow me, I'll follow you!

And of course, if you have a request for a discussion, please hit me up at

Enjoy :-)

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